Kristal Coat For Pavers

We are listed among the leading Kristal Coat for Pavers manufacturers in Chennai, India. We develop the high quality kristal coats for pavers of all kinds. Usually, this coat is made up of good raw material and has made effective to give a glossy finish to the surface or paver tiles. We have made this coat useful for pavers and is blessed with air-drying property. This coating is easy to apply on the pavers and gives a perfect shine and look to the surface. Available in the crystal form, this coating is useful in enhancing the colour intensity of the pavers or tiles. We provide this quality Kristal Coat For Pavers in different quantity packets at the market leading prices. 


  • High quality coating
  • Crystal form
  • Air-drying strength
  • Gives good protection to paver from sunlight
  • Saves fading of paver's colour
  • General maintenance of paver
  • Easy to apply